Friday, July 9, 2010

Rubber Stamp Envelope Liners.

Small accent stamps can be used in so many useful ways. They add a playful touch to the outside of an envelope when placed next to the name of the recipient or tucked into the corner of the back flap. But an equally lovely use for accent stamps is on the inside of the envelope. Here are a few ideas on how to make envelope liners with accent stamps.

Use one of our coordinating envelopes and papers or your own stationary papers and create a pattern using the stamp. If you ‘d like to have a guide, we have free pdf’s of templates for envelope liners that work great with our A2 and #10 envelopes. Just email us at for the free templates.

Contrast colors of paper or inks for a bold statement. Or use a subtle shift in color for a softer touch. Our ocean blue and blue icing papers work well to create this look as do pink tulip and pink frosting papers.

Play with the distance of the stamp for different feels. Don’t worry about the spacing always being perfect. A little imperfection is part of the charm of rubberstamping. It’s a wonderful reminder of the time you’ve taken to create something special. 

Another option is to be more playful with the placement. Loose and random or even just one stamp would add a sweet touch. Let the occasion, recipient or stamp inspire you. 

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