Friday, July 16, 2010

Clever Gift Announcements.

So often we are giving gifts that are from a specific list or resorting to giving gift cards. Maybe it’s the desire to get something for someone that they really want or need, or maybe people are waiting for special occasions for things that they otherwise would have just gone out and bought in a different economy. Whatever the case, it can lead to a less than exciting gift giving/opening experience.

The challenge is to make the presentation a little more creative. Here is just one idea for what was a group gift for a new electric mower. Hopefully it sparks an idea for your next group gift or gift card presentation.

The samples of Astroturf and putting green flooring where free at the local hardware store. To cut the numbers out of Astroturf, the numbers where printed in reverse and adhered to the back of the turf with double-sided tape. After the numbers were cut out, the paper was peeled off.

The high gloss box really makes this gift announcement feel fabulous. You can purchase these at the Container Store for a few dollars. In order to make the presentation feel bigger once it was opened, cardboard was used to create different layers. Since the cardboard was eventually covered, old boxes worked fine.

Double-sided tape and a hot glue gun helped put it together in a matter of minutes.

Adding a three dimensional element to flat gifts is a fun solution. Are you giving a gift card to put towards a new tv or video game system? Grab the old remote or controller and tie a goodbye note to it with the gift card and wrap it up in a box. Is it a new kitchen item- like a new mixer? Pick up a single cupcake at your local bakery and gently tip a gift card into the frosting. Whatever it is, a little creative presentation can make the gift giving experience a little more memorable.

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