Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chocolate Cups

My intermittent blogging has been the result of jumping into the field of creating and designing apps. Rarely does my digital work cross over with Butterfly Fly, but I had to share an idea that came from an app I designed called MrChocolate.
Jacque Torres is MrChocolate and he is an amazing talent. The app features step by step videos, photos, and text for making and decorating all things chocolate. It was a peasure to work on and I hope you’ll check it out on either iPad or iPhone.

What I thought you’d really like from the app is a techique that I’ve used at my son’s last two birthday parties- and that is making chocolate cups. The kids had crazy fun dipping the balloons into the chocolate and then popping them to create a chocolate cup that we filled with ice cream. It was so much fun the first year that we hired a balloon guy and made the whole party a balloon theme the following year.

Beyond the kids loving this, it’s a great way to make a cute treat without baking. Summer is coming up and a hot oven can be miserable. But my favorite part of this treat is that it’s perfect for acommidating kids that are gluten-free. Nobody gets left out!

A couple of things to remember, make sure none of the guests have latex allergies, and it’s helpful to have a dedicated parent going around and picking up the popped balloon pieces. We had the kids dipping and then popping one at a time and everyone waited patiently for their turn. We all know that chocolate has magical powers, but patient children? It was amazing.

If the kids are popping the balloons themselves then a toothpick works well. They may need to hold the top of the balloon. The popping noise can be loud so warn tiny ones to cover their ears.

Also, it’s not as easy as melting the chocolate and dipping- the chocolate needs to tempered otherwise the cups don’t set well. Tempering and the chocolate cup technique are both featured in the apps.

If you’re ambitous try blowing up different sized baloons and make a flower like Jacques does. I think I’ll be saving that for a rainy day activity this summer. Enjoy.