Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to clean a rubber stamp.

After you have finished using your stamp, repeat tapping the stamp on a piece of scrap paper until there is no more ink left on the raised rubber- this is called stamping off. Cleaning the rubber stamp will be much easier if you have stamped off first.

Check the ink you are using for cleaning instructions. Our inks can all be gently cleaned with a damp lint free cloth or paper towel. Clean the both the raised and recessed parts of the rubber, but not the cushion. If you get water on the wood base, please allow the base to dry out before storing.

If it seems like your stamp is wearing out, most of the time it simply needs to be cleaned. An old, soft toothbrush works well for deep cleaning. Rubber stamps should last a lifetime if cared for correctly. Always be sure to store away from sunlight.