Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get Back Your Gardening Books and Magazines

Spring is such a lovely time for anyone with a garden. If you have a particularly lovely garden, chances are you get asked lots of questions. That often leads to lending out your favorite gardening reference to friends and neighbors. Make sure your books get returned, by using a personalized garden stamp as a bookplate or on a bookmark.

Use your stamp on a Post-It® note and stick it to the cover of a favorite magazine to serve as a gentle reminder to return. Because a great article on ferns or slug control never goes out of style no matter how old the magazine.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Dawn,

    I just ordered some stamps of yours from Etsy. I had also read your profile and decided to visit your website. I like all the lovely photos and ideas that you have posted. And I think the artwork on your stamps is delightful. From one mom to another I wish you much success with your business.

    Good luck to you and good thoughts and wishes to your family.


    P.S. My kids like playing with this it's musical raindrops