Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Add an Extra Touch of Color to Your Stamps

Our line of accents stamps are one way to add a pop of color to your layout, but another idea is to color in a few areas of your personalized rubber stamp. Choose a color that’s the same general color as your ink or something completely different. It’s another great way to make your communications truly personal.

Colored pencils work great because you can use them two different ways; by pressing firmly for opaque color or lightly for soft color.

If pressing softly, try to color in the same direction for the entire area that you are filling in for a more uniform look.

You can also use a maker to fill in areas on your stamp, but try to stay within the stamps lines if using our Vivid! inks. Because they clean up easily with water they can also smudge a little when they come in contact with markers. If you have an older child this can make for an excellent challenge and a half hour of creative entertainment.

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