Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Universal Wish List

Were you hounded on Thanksgiving for your holiday lists by family members? Or maybe you were the eager beaver asking for lists. Either way has a wonderful new button that allows you to add items from all over the web to your Wish List.

Go to the Universal Wish List page and drag the Add to Wish List icon into your browser. When you are at any website and see something you'd like simply click on the icon and a window will pop up asking if you wish to add the item to your Wish List.

Take a look over your Etsy favorites, add a few to your Wish List and support the handmade community. Have a nephew into vinyl figures or an aunt who collects vintage china? Send them the Universal Wish List link and get that list back without any need to drive or Google. And if you have a favorite rubber stamp, there's even a place in the pop up window to place your personalized text.

Happy listing making!

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