Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pre-Halloween Party and Invitation

On the day of Halloween there’s always a strange time when the kids want to get dressed up and collect their goods but have to wait until it’s ‘time’ to go trick-or-treating. And nobody ever seems to know when that ‘time’ starts. A great way to fill this waiting period is to throw a party.

Invite over the neighborhood kids and parents for a pre trick-or-treating bash. Keep the food simple- order a few sandwich and veggie trays. A small treat bag or simple cookie with a great gift tag allows both parents to go trick-or-treating later since everyone on the block will have already gotten a goodie.

Try some classic games like bobbing for apples or pass the apple or pumpkin (be sure the stem is removed.) Decorate some small pumpkins with paint or markers. A game of musical chairs is always fun and has no clean up. Good scary music options are; Night on Bald Mountain, The Monster Mash, or Thriller.

If the weather permits have the party outside or in your garage. There’s always lots of excitement when costumes are involved. This way the kids get to hang out longer in their costume and best of all, when the party breaks up- everyone will know that’s it officially time to trick or treat!

Here is an invitation idea for a pre-Halloween party using stamps from our Halloween collection. 
We started with a flat notecard, cobblestone ink and our spider web accent stamp. We simply rotated the stamp around to create a handcrafted pattern.
Then we printed the text on a piece of yellow vellum that we found at an office supply store, and trimmed to the same size as our flat notecard. This is a great trick if you don't have a fancy color printer that prints on a range of papers easily. Most black ink jet printers can easily print on vellum.
Next we folded a sheet of our juicy orange paper to make a jacket and our boo! accent stamp to create another pattern. We used orange ink as the majority of the pattern and one cobblestone stamping for a little extra fun.
For the cute tie around the jacket we use Divine Twine. As you can see from our other Halloween ideas it worked great for everything. It was always the right amount of color and playfulness, without any extra bulk.
Finally, we end where your guest begins- at the envelope. The boo! accent stamp is sold on its own but is also part of our ghost stamp set. It's always wonderful to be able to set the tone of the party with the first glance of the envelope.
Remember to use your stamps to decorate game prize bags, treat bags or gift tags. And have a fun and safe Halloween.


  1. Wonderful ideas for Halloween! We don't have children but word has it the kids in the neighborhood run down the hill to get to our home first. I like coming up with neat treats for the kids and to give them something special. I will be visiting your shop soon!! xo

  2. Joyce,
    Every grownup can tell you about the awesome house they used to visit on Halloween when they were a kid. Congratulations and thank you for being one of those houses!