Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Handmade From Little Ones

Handmade is not reserved to the many talented people on Etsy. It can easily extend to your budding artists at home. No matter how young, chances are they love to create and they love to give.

On her blog, My Favorite Everything, Shanna Coady had her two little ones paint rocks and a pot for their grandpa’s birthday. The joy it will bring to grandpa every time he sees them in his garden and the thrill the kids will have when they visit their creation in use, proves art projects don’t need to be complicated to be great. Gift tags, a from the family stamp and accent stamp gives it a polished presentation.

‘Handmade’ can be a cheat. Here the wooden bird houses were bought at Jo-Ann’s for a dollar each. The three year old who painted them for his grandmas doesn’t consider them a handmade stretch. In his world these are masterpieces marked with his seal of approval- his name stamp on gift tags. A simple name stamp works great as a sign off or the word ‘handmade’ can be added to many of our name stamps. Check out our handmade stamp collection for more ideas.

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