Thursday, February 4, 2010

Switching up rubber stamp designs.

As orders come in it’s always interesting to see how people are using different text in their personalized rubber stamps. Here are a few examples.

Some have used the teacher stamp layouts for a personalized library stamp. This is a great solution when you have a really long name or want to use a first and last name. 

On the flip side of that, if you are a teacher with a very short name and using your grade instead of the school’s name, then you don’t have much text to wrap around your stamp. Some people have added ‘from the desk of’ to their personalized teacher stamp and it looks great.

Our handmade by stamp designs are admittedly a bit more feminine in nature. But if you have a little Matisse pulling out the art supplies everyday then using one of our name stamps and giving it ‘handmade by’ text is an excellent option for boys.

And finally, we’re not sure if it’s a solution for twins, but having two names in one name stamp is really fun.

Of course we have changed the names in our examples. But if you have an interesting use of your stamp and would like to share please email photos to

We love seeing your creativity- keep it coming.

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